Hi, I'm Caryn – Curvy, Athletic and Proud!

Hi, there! I’m curvy, athletic and proud! I am what some would say a “large boned” girl in today’s society. However, I prefer to think of myself as “blessed with curves.” A proud size 14 or 16 or XL or XXL, depending upon the clothing manufacturer. I’ve run 12+ marathons, multiple half marathons, a zillion 10k’s, and enjoy hiking, biking, tennis, you name it, I just love to be active!

However, I have a huge conundrum, like many I have talked to out there; finding fashion forward, high-quality, comfortable, effective, plus-size active wear without having to go to many stores or multiple sites (and pay extra shipping for each manufacturer). Then I rip open my packages likes it’s Christmas morning only to find out the quality sucks or the material isn’t really true-to-size or they said it was anti-wicking fabric and I am lighting up like a match stick after running a quarter of a mile. Well, NO MORE!!

I’ve decided to create, to offer fashion forward, high-quality, anti-wicking, high-quality and comfortable athletic clothing for plus-sized women! We are talking about providing brands you can depend on. No longer will you or I have to shop at multiple places (and be dinged for extra shipping) to get the cool stuff that is being offered in smaller sizes. Instead it will all be at

I want to hear from you as to what your challenges have been and what types of activewear you would like to be able to purchase on this site. If you could wave a magic wand and the Curves Fairy would provide, what would you like?

I’d also like to hear what you’re up to: what marathons are you training for? What other sports are you into? What are your greatest challenges and proudest victories?

Looking forward to hearing from you — and thank you for stopping by!